Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Head of the department Professor Dr. Muzammil Hasan Najmi SI(M) (MBBS, M Phil, PhD, FRCP (Edin)) 

The Department is entrusted with the responsibility to train the third year MBBS and 2nd year BDS students in scientifically based, rational and cost-effective use of drugs. The curricula & syllabi approved by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and Higher Education Commission are followed with emphasis on the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic aspects of commonly used drugs. The subjects has been divided and arranged in several modules to achieve integration with other disciplines. Case-based learning and interactive sessions are an integral part of the teaching methodology to encourage participation of the students in learning process. A well-equipped laboratory has been provided where students are exposed to the basic experimental techniques of drug research on laboratory animals, isolated tissues and organs in situ. Training in P drug concept of the World Health Organization, prescription writing and elementary biostatistics are also essential components of practical training. A visit to pharmaceutical industry is arranged to provide an opportunity to observe the modern drug manufacturing techniques. Continuous internal assessment is carried out throughout the academic proceedings to inculcate the habit of regular studies in students.

In future, the Department plans to start MPhil and PhD programs in the subject of Pharmacology and Therapeutics with collaborative research with other disciplines of Basic Medical Sciences.

The Department is blessed with highly qualified and experienced faculty who devotedly provide tutelage to the students.

Associate Professor
Dr. Ayesha Janjua (MBBS, M Phil)
PM&DC Reg. No. 32664-P

Assistant Professors

Dr. Wardha Mazhar Malik (MBBS, M Phil)
PM&DC Reg. No. 55123-P

Dr. Zarafshan Bader (MBBS, M Phil)
PM&DC Reg. No. 40774-P

Dr. Mehwish Nawaz Qaisrani (MBBS, M Phil)
PM&DC Reg. No. 51929-P

Dr. Shumaila Obaid
PM&DC Reg. No. 41052-P

Dr. Maria Hassan (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg. No. B-71662-P

Dr. Noor us Sabah (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg. No. 82636-P

Dr. Qursam Jahan (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg. No. 85423-P

Faculty for BDS
Associate Professor
Dr. Ayesha Janjua (MBBS, M Phil)
PM&DC Reg. No. 32664-P

Dr. Shumaila Obaid (MBBS)
PM&DC Reg. No. 41052-P