Health Cover

Outdoor treatment to the students is provided under arrangements of the Fauji Foundation Hospital Rawalpindi (FFH). For indoor treatment, the students have to pay the actual bill. Medicine is issued through authorized prescription only. The students are provided outdoor medical facility by FFH Rawalpindi as per following SOP:-

  • Students desirous of availing subject facility will inform their Senior Class Teachers, and report to the Student Affairs to get the sick Report slip. Students then report to FFH. Sick Report Book is the document authorizing a student for treatment.

  • Student Affairs maintains a register for the students reporting sick.

  • The students report to Staff Surgeon (Male/Female) in FFH.

  • Report Sick timings are between 1000 hrs to 1130 hrs daily, except emergencies. Students will intimate their disposal (Rest etc) to Senior Class Teacher on their return from FFH to avoid being marked "Absent".

  • Students are considered as Civilian non entitled (CNE) patients by FFH and accounted for as such. Prescription slips are issued as for CNE patients by the Receptionist of FFH.

  • Medicines are provided through Retail Issue Store (RIS) of FFH.

  • Bills are not paid by the students at the time of treatment; instead these are sent by FFH Rawalpindi to FUIC in the first week of succeeding month.

  • FFH sends the medical treatment bills to the Administration of FUIC. The same are forwarded to the Accounts branch.

  • Accounts Branch clears the bills, after requisite scrutiny, by 10th of each month. The same are charged to the students in their annual dues.