Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities include seminars, conferences training & workshops. Seminars and workshop are the compulsory and integral part of curriculum. To cater these need eminent scholars; veritably acknowledged professionals from the industry and other branches of knowledge are invited to deliver their valuable lectures and to conduct seminars and workshops. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities and the same will be reflected in a letter to be issued in favour of participants. Seminars are conducted on different subjects by inviting eminent & distinguished scholars as co-curricular activities to enhance the horizon and vision of the students.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. FUSH focused on these important activities to develop brain, body and soul of the students that a healthy mind is impossible without a healthy body and to use youngsters energy in positive direction. This provides an opportunity for personal grooming, identifying the hidden talents and to groom them wide range of sports are arranged with two objects in view one, to keep the young gentlemen physically fit, & two, to train them in the practical lessons comradeship, cooperation & discipline.

Extra curriculum activities in various spheres help in refining the sensibilities of the students and bringing out the best of their abilities / capabilities. FUSH pays adequate attention to physical health and work on the premise that a healthy mind is impossible without a healthy body. To attain these exalted goals, wide range of sports are permitted and managed with multiple objectives in view.

  • To keep the young gentleman physically fit.

  • To Train them in the practical lessons of comradeship, cooperation and disciplines. Keeping in view the importance of physical health of the students of FUSH is paying special attention to promote various extra curriculum activities at both the campuses.

  • To attain harmonious blending of mental, moral and physical cultures for sound and meaningful education which is the inevitable need of everyone to focus on physical development for relaxation from prevailing mental stress and frustration in the society. The FUSH is well aware of the overriding necessity of physical activities and thus adopted measures to address this issue.