Office of the Manager Admin

Manager Administration
Lt Col Kashif Naveed Ansari (Retd)
Office: 051-5789461

Planning of various aspects and such duties as assigned / delegated by the Dir/Admr FUSH. To organize, supervise, coordinate and oversee the functioning of the following: -

1. Estb Branch FUSH (Responsibility).

2. Tech / Maintenance Branch (Responsibility)

3. Incharge overall Campus Security assisted by AMA, in addition to being responsible for security within own AOR.

To ensure demands of FUMC / Girls Hostel within own AOR are scrutinized, processed and documented according to the laid down procedure.

Responsible of employment / provision / discipline / discharge of the Adm Staff of FUSH.

Ensure repair / maint / replacement of the furniture, Medical equipment, building through Tech/Maint Branch within AOR.Detail various boards for stock taking, condemnation and purchase of stores etc for the entire campus and timely execution / implantation.Responsible for proper maintenance, upkeep and allotment of all Campus accommodation within own AOR. 

Random visits to Cafeteria, Tuck Shop, Juice Shops.