Department of Anatomy

Dr Huma  
 Head of the Department 

 Prof  Dr. Huma Musarrat Khan (MBBS, MHPE, FCPS (Anatomy))
 Phone: (+92) 51-5788171, (+92) 51-5788250 Ext: 405

Anatomy is one of the important pillars of Medical education. It is a basic medical science subject that deals with ultrastructure, morphology, and the development of the human body. The faculty of Anatomy Department at Foundation University School of Health Sciences comprises of a team of highly educated, experienced, and motivated anatomists headed by Professor Dr. Huma Musarrat Khan. All the faculty members are actively involved in research, curricular development, and teaching/learning activities of undergraduate (MBBS, BDS & DPT) and postgraduate students.

The subject is taught in close integration with other Basic Science subjects with emphasis on applied clinical aspects. This is done using a wide variety of teaching modalities including interactive discussions and Problem Based learning sessions which have been incorporated into the curriculum. The department strives to provide the best possible physical resources and ensures their optimal use to facilitate excellence in teaching and learning. The department has a dissection hall with a mortuary for cadavers; a state-of-the-art museum containing original bones, artificial skeletons, and plastic models of different regions which are used for studying all aspects of gross and developmental anatomy of the human body. The department also has a histology laboratory with a generous supply of histological slides of normal body tissues which are studied by means of CC TV, multiheaded and binocular microscopes.

The Department of Anatomy with its faculty and staff is fully committed towards providing excellent teaching and learning experiences for the students. Our aim is to educate students regarding anatomical basis of disease, so that they may display excellence in academics, research, and delivery of medical care to the community.


Professor & HOD Dr. Huma Musarrat Khan
Assoc Prof Dr. Lubna Akhtar
Asst Prof Dr. Nadia Rashid
Asst Prof Dr. Sobia Islam
Asst Prof Dr. Noreen Anwar
Dr. Aleena Younis, Demonstrator
Dr. Seemab Tania, Demonstrator
Dr. Farhan Aslam, Demonstrator
Dr. Aliya Shabbir, Demonstrator
Dr. Muhammad Shahzad, Demonstrator
Professor Dr. Saadia Rashid
Dr. Atia Jamal, Demonstrator