Department of Biochemistry

  Head of the Department 

  Prof. Dr Maryam Wahid (MBBS, M. Phil, PhD) 
  Phone: (+92) 51-5788171, (+92) 51-5788250 Ext: 405

The Department of Biochemistry at Foundation University Medical College has been imparting high quality basic education to MBBS, BDS, DPT and FUCN students in an effort to train them as competent physicians and researches of tomorrow. The department is determined to expand and promote the intellectual abilities of undergraduate students by providing excellent teaching facilities. The department also actively participates in activities such as meetings, seminars and conferences etc in collaboration with other basic and clinical departments.

Biochemistry is central to all areas of medical sciences because it provides molecular knowledge and essential foundation for research in the biomedical sciences and gives a better understanding of other disciplines such as Pathology, Pharmacology and Medicine etc. 

Teaching methodology at Biochemistry department FUMC is clinically oriented, with more focus on the applied aspects of biochemistry, enabling a broader understanding of different diseases.

The department will increase its focus on research activities when the planned postgraduate training is undertaken.


Assistant Professors 
 Dr. Aneela Shabbir (MBBS, M.Phil)
 Dr. Hajira Siddique (MBBS, M.Phil)
 Dr. Farzana Hakim (MBBS, M.Phil)
 Miss Noor Ul Ain (MSC, Biochemistry)
 Dr. Komal Pervaiz (MBBS)
 Dr. Ayesha Aziz (MBBS)
 Dr. Aila Afzaal Bhatti (BDS)
 Dr. Wafa Zahra Hamdani (BDS)
 Dr. Sidra Ashfaq (MBBS,M.phil)           
 Dr. Amna Mehmood (MBBS,M.phil)  
 Dr. Palwasha Faiz Khattak (MBBS)      
 Dr. Humaira  Kashif (MBBS, M.phil)  
 Dr. Bushra Rehman (MBBS, M.phil                  
Faculty for BDS  
Assistant Professor  
 Dr. Aneela Shabbir (MBBS, M.Phil)
 Dr. Aila Afzaal Bhatti (BDS)
 Dr. Wafa Zahra Hamdani (BDS)