Department of Paediatrics

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Head of the Department 
Prof. Dr. Munir Akmal Lodhi (MBBS, FCPS)
PM&DC Reg No. 7709-P

Paediatrics is a medical specialty that is concerned with the health of infants, children and adolescents; their growth and development; and opportunity to achieve full potential as adults. The young are often among the most vulnerable in society and thus their needs require special attention. 

Breakdown/distribution of Subject

General Paediatrics

Students are taught about the nomenclature of different pediatric age groups, their growth parameters and developmental milestones. They are briefed about nutrition and malnutrition in children. Students discuss about common infections and their prevention through immunization.


Students are enlightened about the normal newborn and common ailments of a neonate.

Special Paediatrics

Special Paediatrics is about different diseases of childhood pertaining to various systems of the body including their investigation and management along with clinical skills.

Associate Professor
Dr. Huma Saleem Khan (MBBS, MCPS, FCPS) 
PM&DC Reg No. 36592-P
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sumaira Khalil (MBBS, FCPS)
PM&DC Reg No. 2178-AJK
Senior Registrar
Dr. Kiran Mushtaq Toor (MBBS, FCPS)
PM&DC Reg No. 47025-P
FFH Faculty
Assistant Professors
Dr. Awais Tahir (MBBS, MCPS,FCPS)
PM&DC Reg No. 40500-P
Senior Registrar
Dr. Nuzhat Shakur (MBBS, FCPS) 
PM&DC Reg No. 22362-P
Dr Syed Zulfiqar Haider (MBBS, FCPS)
PM&DC Reg No. 26259-P
Dr. Sayed Ibrar Hussain (MBBS, FCPS)
PM&DC Reg No.14818-N