Department of Obstetrics/Gynaecology

Head of the Department 

Prof. Dr. Azra Saeed Awan (MBBS, MCPS, FCPS) 

The subject comprises of obstetrics and gynaecology. Obstetrics branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of women during pregnancy, labour, childbirth and the time after childbirth. Obstetricians work to ensure that pregnancy culminates in the delivery of a healthy baby, without impairing the health status of the mother. Gynaecology is the medical speciality concerned with medical and surgical conditions of the female reproductive system (except from those related to pregnancy and child-birth that is obstetrics). Breakdown/distribution of subject:


Conception and fertilization Physiological changes in pregnancy. Monitoring of high risk pregnancy Pregnancy related disorders Labour and its complications surgical intervention of pregnancy.


Anatomy and development of the reproductive tract Menstrual cycle and its disturbances Miscarriages Infertility Contraception Cancers of genital tract Surgical procedures and its complications.

Dr. Zartaj Hayat (MBBS, MCPS, FCPS)
Assistant Professors 
Dr. Arifa Bari (MBBS, FCPS)
Dr. Kanwal Bashir (MBBS, FCPS)
Dr. Naila Khursheed (MBBS, FCPS)
Senior Registrars
Dr. Hina Tabassum (MBBS, FCPS)
Dr. Fatima Nazim (MBBS, FCPS)
Dr. Nosheen Akhter (MBBS, FCPS)
FFH Faculty 
Assoc Prof
Dr. FaizaIbrar (MBBS, MCPS, FCPS)
Assistant Professors
Dr. Samina Irshad (MBBS, FCPS)
Dr. Nadia Ahmed Bokhari (MBBS, FCPS)
Senior Registrar
Dr. Asma Iqbal (MBBS, FCPS)
Dr. Touseef Fatima (MBBS, FCPS)