Awareness about Blood Donation

A Seminar on Awareness about Blood Donation was organized by pathology Department Foundation University Medical College / Foundation University School of Health Sciences (FUMC / FUSH) under supervision of Prof Brig (R) Tariq Sarfraz, SI (M), Head of Pathology Department and Dr. Lubna Zafar, Prof of Pathology on 25th March 2022 at 1130 – 1230 hrs in Lecture Hall – III, FUMC / FUSH. Dr. Madeeha Rehan, Assoc Prof of Pathology was the focal person who organized, facilitated and conducted the event.

At the opening of the seminar, Dr. Tariq Sarfraz, HOD Pathology gave a comprehensive, useful and motivational talk about the significance of blood donation and giving someone a chance to live. Dr. Lubna Zafar highlighted the importance of blood donations for patients with bleeding disorders. All important aspects of blood donation including donor selection, deferral criteria and post donation care, blood component preparation and their uses, role of blood donation in saving life of patients of thalassemia and with malignant disorders were discussed by Dr. Madeeha Rehan, Dr. Nadia Arif and Dr. Attika Khalid, respectively.

It was an extremely useful, informative and successful event, which not only provided awareness about different aspects of blood donations but also enhanced the motivation of medical students to donate blood and save lives.