Teaching Hospital

Fauji Foundation Hospital (FFH) Rawalpindi is the teaching hospital of FUMC. It was established in 1959 as a TB Ward. Over the years, it has grown into a ertiary care/referral hospital of 810 beds. The hospital is being converted to 850 bedded modern teaching hospitals at the cost of about Rs. 1.6 billion with provision of further expansion to 1200 beds. It has all the requisite specialties as per the PM&DC rules. It is financed and managed by the Fauji Foundation. It caters for the health needs of ex-servicemen and their dependants. In order to ensure the optimum utilization of the facilities at FFH, these are now being extended to the private patients. The hospital is spread over an area of 53 acres and is staffed by highly qualified/experienced medical personnel and has the latest equipment for diagnostic facilities alongwith modern operation theaters, intensive care units (ICUs) and a coronary care unit (CCU). The hospital is considered as the prime health facility of the Fauji Foundation.