Department of Medical Education

Head of the Department Professor Brig Irfan Shukr, SI(M) (Retd)
PM&DC Reg No. 9468-S.

The goal of the Department of Medical Education (DME) is to provide high level professional educational services to support and enhance the teaching role of the Medical and Dental College. The Foundation University Medical College has implemented curriculum which matches international guideline. The aim of DME is to provide educational information, advice and facilitate the implementation of best internationally credible educational practice within the curriculum. Achieving this aim requires activity in the areas of curriculum planning, teaching and learning and assessment. Evaluation of the outcomes of the curriculum and teaching quality is an integral part of this process. DME assists faculty in delivering high quality undergraduate and postgraduate educational activities. Methods of teaching practice are evolving rapidly in response to changes in the traditional learning environment and educational technology. The Department of Medical Education facilitate the provision of a range of state-of-the-art facilities to enhance teaching and learning. This includes operating clinical skills laboratory and the use of information technology for communication between staff and students and distance and independent learning.


DME is working in the areas of:

  • Faculty Development

  • Curriculum Development

  • New Teaching / Learning Methodologies

  • New Assessment Methodologies

  • Educational Research

Faculty Development

Department of Medical Education is committed to improve the standards of education at Foundation University Medical College. One important factor contributing to mission is faculty development. DME holds regular faculty development workshops at the college and also advises faculty regarding the external workshops. The details of the workshops is as under

In House Workshops:

  • Advance Level Certificate Medical Education
  • Curriculum development workshop
  • Communication skills workshop
  • Integrated assessment workshop
  • PBL facilitation skills workshop
  • Research methodology workshop

External Faculty Development Courses

Foundation University Medical College faculty is sent on faculty development courses offered at Aga Khan University Karachi and CPSP Karachi. There is always a good representation of FUMC in conferences, seminars and workshops held in the Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

DME Forums:

The DME forums are being held regularly on monthly basis to enlighten the faculty and enhance their understanding regarding new trends in medical education and new teaching and learning methods.

Curriculum Development:

Curriculum development is a dynamic process and requires continuous monitoring and improvement. As integrated modular teaching program has been implemented at FUMC, DME plays a pivotal advisory role in curriculum development and revision in accordance with international standards.

New Teaching / Learning Methodologies:
New teaching and learning methodologies are being introduced to inculcate the attributes of critical thinking and self directed learning among undergraduate students. At least three sessions of problem based learning are placed in each module. To enhance the application of basic sciences knowledge early clinical skill lab training has been introduced through skill lab. The clinical skill lab session are conducted daily for two hours for both years.

Educational Research:

To inculcate the culture of research at FUMC, department is conducting regular workshops on research. At the same time new teaching/learning methodologies and assessing techniques are evaluated to promote educational research.


Assistant Professor
Dr. Ayesha Ghassan (MHPE, JMHPE)
PM&DC Reg No. 49654-P

Dr. Tayyeba Iftikhar Mirza (MHPE)
PM&DC Reg No. 47892-P

Senior Lecturer
Dr. Mashaal Sabqat (MHPE)
PM&DC Reg No. 62104-P

Allied Faculty

Mr. Tafseer Abbas