About FUCD&H

Foundation University College of Dentistry & Hospital (FUCD&H) was established as a dental hospital in Jan 2014. Whereas, the undergraduate teaching commenced in Jan, 2016. The college is registered with Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) and also members of International Association of Medical Regulatory Authority (IAMRA).

FUCD&H in state of art tertiary care teaching Hospital in the field of Dentistry, located besides Fauji Foundation Hospital and Foundation University Medical College, at the serene proximity of DHA Phase I Islamabad. We feel humbled and privileged to declare that we provide best quality dental care to our patients and finest dental education to our undergraduate and postgraduate students covering all aspects of patient care, advanced diagnostics and management. We believe that a qualified dental work force is a valuable asset for the emerging and evolving field of medical education.

The institution defines its purposes and establishes educational objectives aligned with those objectives. The institution has a clear and explicit sense of its essential values and character, its distinctive elements, its place in both the higher education community and society and its contribution to the public sector.

Our most visible mission is twofold.

• Educate students to serve their patients and communities well
• Prepare students to continue to grow in skill and knowledge over their life time in practice

For educational purpose we have fully equipped and functional phantom head labs, skill lab, prosthetic and ceramic labs to nurture our students with international standards of training. We have special interest in research & methodology to keep up with emerging advancements in the science of dental materials and modern techniques.

The highly qualified and dedicated faculty has developed and implemented an integrated, problem-based curriculum which endeavors to take our students to the pinnacle of academic and professional excellence. Our students are likely to have an exposure to diverse conditions faced by a population of varied socio-economic backgrounds.

We at FUCD&H provide optimum treatment to patients from all walks of life especially catering to families of retired soldiers, Fauji Foundation employees and other organizations. Our doctors and staff strive to work in accordance with the latest and contemporary trends in dentistry. We have a purpose built and well equipped clinical departments meeting the international quality standards of dental practice.

We ensure to provide environment of self-integrity, dignity and respect with strong component of medical moral ethics. Currently we have ongoing post graduate programs of FCPS at FUCD&H in two disciplines of dentistry and it is approved by College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) ie: Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontics. Our faculty is also involved in educating and training the nursing staff.

Our pediatric dentistry department provides primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence, together with special health care needs.
Our department of accident and trauma is well equipped along with qualified and responsive to deal with emergency situations. Timely and effective care is important in the management of dental injuries, as several studies have shown poor outcomes with delayed treatment.

The bright future at FUCD&H continues to unfold through innovative primary dental care initiatives, state-of-the-art training in the dental specialties all made possible by our extraordinary faculty, staff and students. We tend to rest our research strategy on the proposition that a university base for dentistry is essential to long term progress in oral health sciences.

Scientific research is fundamental to the nation’s health, wellbeing and security and that the country’s universities have to play a central role in advancing knowledge and developing scientific talent. Our talented faculty and students are consistently involved in conducting and attending workshops and seminars

Dental education department strives to implement integrated dental curriculum, an approach that segregates traditional disciplines into themes in compliance with cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains. This represents and supports the teaching and learning activities to ensure the graduates are knowledgeable and prepared to provide high-quality oral care, aspiring to higher standards of professional ethics as a good team member having strong communication skills. Developing leadership qualities, maintaining good team work ethics and instigating the importance of lifelong learning through continued professional development are also part of curriculum.

We aim to expand and initiate MSc, MPhil, PhD, FCPS, and MDS in all specialties of dentistry to contribute and serve in providing quality subject specialist in each branch of dentistry and will be contributing to meet the emerging shortage of specialists and teaching faculty in the country.

Like any ideal educational institute, we see the creation or expansion of faculty practice plans as an important strategy towards excellence. Striving to evolve as an institute at par with WFME standards. Our institute involves full time faculty in regular dental practice. The endorsement of professional and driven faculty serves as credible role models for dental students. Our faculty has an empathetic relationship with the students throughout their tenure to excel in studies and extracurricular activities, and the patient are treated with empathy at par with international standards of cross infection control. Our aim is to set highest standards of dental professionalism and emerge as a top of line institute in the country and in the world.